Black Forest Brewery

Black Forest Brewery Lancaster PA

The Journey Begins

Black Forest Brewery Lancaster PAThe idea of opening a craft brewery began when Bob with his sons, Ryan, Ross and Reese were backpacking on the Black Forest Trail in Pennsylvania. What a great idea! We can brew our own beer, open a brewery and enjoy some good old sessions with family, friends and new acquaintances. Why not? Bob and Ryan began in typical home brewer fashion . . with a Mr. Beer Kit in the family kitchen! Instantly addicted to the challenges, process and results they moved to extract brewing and then all grain! Flashing back on Denise’s kitchen filled with steaming kettles, test tubes, an old speckled enamelware boiling pot and a turkey burner, it is hard to believe Black Forest Brewery has become a reality, a bonafide Brewery in Lancaster, PA

Meant To Be …

The interesting logo has raised many questions about what the “background” represents — that is the actual shape of the 42 mile loop of the Black Forest Trail where the dream was developed. Trademarked in 2009, Denise and Bob began their search for the perfect location, finally deciding on opening a Brewery in Lancaster PA, specifically Ephrata, Pennsylvania. Imagine our surprise when learning that the founder of the Ephrata Community, Conrad Beissel, was born and raised in the Black Forest area of Germany. Meant to be, we think so!